When Do You Know It’s Time for a Boiler Repair? – Our Guide

pressure gauge of boiler at home

Your boiler allows you to jump into a warm shower or bath during the colder months, especially in Scotland where those temperatures are more the norm than not! Your boiler is an amazing heating system, so you have to keep it functioning well at all times. Because of this, it needs regular maintenance to ensure that it is operating properly and allow you to prevent worse problems later on.

As with anything in your property, your boiler is also subject to daily wear and tear. As such, you want to identify any issue that may arise to prevent escalation. If you observe these following signs, it may be time to call the pros and have your boiler fixed right away:

1. Strange and alarming noises

While strange noises are common with most machinery, you also know that there is something off with the equipment if it starts making unusual noises. Boilers are no stranger to this. They make sounds that one can easily get used to. However, if you start hearing some banging, whistling, clunking, gurgling, and strange noises in general, there might be an issue with your boiler.

Strange noises can indicate a faulty heat pump, blocked system, damaged fan, etc. When you hear these noises, call your local boiler repairs company as leaving them unattended can worsen the situation over time.

2. Unusual smell

Gas boilers can have leaks which would be extremely alarming. The gas coming from the boiler can produce weird and undesirable odour, and it is extremely hazardous. When you smell something and confirm that it is coming from your boiler, do not prolong the situation. Call the local repairs company immediately.

3. Slow heating or doesn’t heat at all

If it’s taking too long to heat or doesn’t heat at all, it’s broken. A boiler will only take a few seconds to minutes to heat water, so if it takes longer than that, your boiler’s circulation may have a hit. 

Additionally, the central heating system can also be malfunctioning, and the longer you leave it unaddressed, the more you will pay for extra repair costs. As soon as it takes a longer-than-usual heating time, turn to local boiler services to prevent any components of the boiler from getting damaged.

4. Water leaks

While this might seem like a no-brainer, it’s important to mention that when you see water leaking from your boiler, there’s a problem that you need to sort right away. Water leaks may be due to faulty components inside the boiler. Although it may not be anything serious, you still want to call the repair company to ensure that the boiler is still safely functioning.

5. High energy bills

Boilers use more fuel and will work harder if they start becoming inefficient. If you detect higher-than-usual energy bills with the same amount of output, that’s a clear sign that your boiler has problems. Before you lose all your salary towards energy bills, call the boiler repairs company immediately.


Boilers are similar to other types of machinery: they are subject to daily wear and tear. As such, you want to be attentive and observe whether or not your boiler is malfunctioning. Not only will this save you a lot of money for preventable repairs, but it will also keep you and your family warm on colder days.

Need boiler maintenance? Or just looking for a new boiler system? We’ve got you covered! We provide boiler installation and services in Grampian. Get in touch with us today and let us help.

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