Choosing Between a Boiler and a Furnace for Your Home

water radiator boiler

Two of the most common types of heating equipment in many households are the central heating boiler and furnace. While they may have the same purpose, which is to keep your home warm and cosy, they function and work in entirely different ways.

As a homeowner, you must know the differences between the two to identify which one you need for your household. Besides that, this knowledge will help you save a lot of costs, as you can choose heating equipment that is most suitable for your needs.

With that said, here is a comparison between a new boiler and furnace in terms of how they function:

Conventional Boiler

This household heating equipment is often installed in bathrooms. As the name implies, it boils water to supply warm water throughout the house, especially during winter. It works by filling up a tank with water, heating it, and circulating the water to all the taps in the household, primarily to the bathroom and kitchen areas. It may be expensive for some people, especially since its large tank needs regular maintenance to ensure a clean and safe water supply.

Today, many homeowners use electric water heaters for easy and quick operation. However, if you want to save costs and control your water usage, it would be best to use a new boiler, as this will heat only the water supplied to the tank. 

Best for:

  • Heating water for the entire house
  • Supplying water to multiple taps in the household
  • Homes with traditional heating systems


On the other hand, a furnace produces warm air instead of water. Traditionally, it heats coals and wood to keep a house warm and cosy during colder seasons. It works by burning fuel in a chamber and blowing the produced heat through the house’s vents. It’s different from a boiler in that it heats the entire house, not just the water that runs through it.

As technologies further develop, upgraded models of this heating equipment are now available. For instance, traditional furnaces are now mostly replaced by gas central heating systems. Many people switch to the latter because it doesn’t use coal and wood, which can harm the environment, making it more sustainable and easier to operate.

Best for:

  • Providing the entire home with warm air
  • Maintaining indoor air quality and lower levels of humidity
  • Achieving high energy-efficiency at a lower price


Two of the most commonly used types of heating equipment in many households are conventional boilers and furnaces. These two keep your home warm and cosy in two completely different ways.

The boiler ensures that your home is supplied with warm water, while the furnace keeps warm air throughout your household. As you know by now, a boiler is suitable for houses that only need heated water during colder months. On the other hand, a furnace is best for homeowners who want to keep a warm environment in their household. When choosing which one to buy, make sure to consider your needs so that you can make the right choice.

If you are looking for a boiler service in Grampian, get in touch with us today. Apart from providing expert and reliable boiler installation with a 10-year warranty, we also offer top-quality models to keep your home warm and cosy.

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