3 Indications Your Boiler Needs To Be Powerflushed

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Powerflushing is the process of removing sludge, rust, foreign materials, or debris from a central heating system. It’s a cleaning maintenance task that can cost some money to complete, but it will ensure the efficient performance of the machine in the long run.

HVAC powerflushing ensures contaminants impeding efficient performance are removed and is often used to fix heating systems that are not working as well as intended. However, it isn’t always a quick automatic fix for boiler issues. 

If your boiler hasn’t been working as well as it should, perhaps you’re considering having it powerflushed. Before you do, though, make sure that your boiler is showing one of the three indicators that could mean powerflushing is the right solution:

1 – Your radiators haven’t been bled in a while

Bleeding is the release of trapped air to improve the air circulation within the boiler. Accumulation of air in radiators can limit water flow, leading to inefficient heating. If you’ve only been bleeding your radiators in short intervals, your system might need a powerflush. Cold spots in the radiators after bleeding are also a sign that your system needs cleaning.

2 – Your boiler has been making strange noises

Boilers aren’t the quietest machines in the world, but they aren’t supposed to be obnoxiously loud either. A distinct sound that most boilers make after starting is a low hum and smooth buzz. Your boilers may need to be powerflushed if they’re making loud rumbling noises. What this means is that the boiler is having a hard time heating the water due to the build-up of sludge and gunk. 

An issue like a rumbling noise can be easily fixed with a good powerflush. If the noises you’re hearing are clicking or metal clanking, though, call the professionals in as the issue may lie elsewhere.

3 – Your boiler has not been cleaned for years

One of the reasons boilers are incredible machines is they don’t need nearly as much regular cleaning maintenance compared to may others. That said, they still need to be cleaned occasionally. If you haven’t had your boiler flushed in five to ten years, it’s time to get the job done to extend your boiler’s life span.

The importance of powerflushing

Flushing your heating system keeps it running efficiently and optimally. You don’t need to clean your boiler regularly, but doing so can provide your heating system with many benefits. As gunk, sludge, and foreign debris gets removed, your boiler’s pipes and radiators will be kept from clogging, allowing the system to warm up your house as intended. This efficiency will save you a lot of money on monthly energy costs.

The best time for powerflushing

Powerflushing can be a relatively big maintenance project that will keep you from using your boiler for quite some time. It’s also often messy since the maintenance crew are dealing with grime, gunk, sludge, and similar unappealing materials. For that reason, it’s best to have your heating system flushed during the warmer weather when you’re not busy. You won’t be able to use your central heating during the process and you may need to clean the area afterward!


Central heating systems are not cheap investments, therefore, you want to keep your boiler regularly maintained to keep it functional. While it’s not necessary, powerflushing your boiler consistently will prove to be extremely worthwhile in the long run.

For powerflushing and other boiler servicing tasks in Aberdeenshire, give Grampian Boiler Services a call!  We’re experts in keeping your home warm and comfortable as you need it.

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